ACACIA invests SEK 10M in IAMIP

Stockholm, Sweden, 9 February 2017 – ACACIA and IAMIP, announced today that ACACIA invests SEK 10M in IAMIP; a leading SaaS Platform provider revolutionizing the Intellectual Property industry. The investment will accelerate IAMIPs international growth.

IAMIP’s software platform provides its clients with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to have a seamless team collaboration, take well informed actions on their Research & Development investments, while keeping track of their competitors, as well as cost efficiently manage their current – and future – Intellectual Property portfolio.

“Our clients have saved more then 11 000 working hours when using our software platform as well made great savings in unnecessary patent costs” said Dimitris Giannoccaro, CEO and Founder of IAMIP.

“ACACIA has a proven track record of investing in innovative technology companies that have the potential to quickly become international leaders in their field,” Dimitris continues. “We are proud and very pleased that our software and services are gaining such strong customer traction and having ACACIA as an investor in our company enables us to maximize the momentum and aggressively accelerate our international expansion.”

“IAMIP’s powerful software platform is revolutionizing the Intellectual Property world by replacing existing inefficient legacy tools,” said Per Skyttvall, Investment Manager at ACACIA. “This software platform is state-of-the-art and essential for the future of innovation in technology driven companies. We at ACACIA are excited to support IAMIPs international growth”.


IAMIP has digitalized one of the last few paper-based industries; the complex intellectual property industry. This industry is plagued by ever growing complexity with over 2.7 M new patents filed every year, and by the €20Bn+ wasted investment in double work in R&D in Europe alone. IAMIP’s software platform enables technology based companies to easily overview and evaluate their intellectual property portfolios, monitor competitors and get valuable strategic insights – in time to make informed decisions on innovation. IAMIPs customers include ABB, Unicarrier, Nynas, etc.


ACACIA is a Swedish family office based in Stockholm. ACACIA invests in companies with exceptional teams within the TECH sector. ACACIA works closely with the portfolio companies to achieve rapid growth, operational excellence and market leadership. Present and past investments include Accedo, Dreampark, Stillfront Group, IP-Only, Cartina, Claremont and Cupole.

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